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Woolstar Merino Mini Quality Standards

  • Standards & Certifications

    Our Woolstar Merino Mini baby blankets are made from 100% Premium Australian merino wool fibre. It is certified by the Woolmark Company and complies with the Oeko - Tex Standard 100. The superfine merino wool baby blanket carries the Woolmark Total Easy Care and Merino Ultra Fine label, and also have been tested and certified to comply with China's National General Safety Technical Code for textile products, Category A - Textile products for infants. Test items include:

    • Fibre Analysis • Fibre Diameter • Free Formaldehyde Content • pH value

    • Colour fastness to perspiration • Colour fastness to water • Colour fastness to saliva • Colour fastness to dry rubbing

    • Odour • Detection of amines in dyestuff

    All items must pass the testing within the set safety standards in order to receive certification.

  • Merino Wool Benefits

    When it comes to the care and comfort of a baby only Merino wool comes close to a mother's touch.

    The unique fineness of Merino wool fibres give baby clothes and blankets a softness no other fabric can match. Merino wool also has natural properties that may soothe and protect your baby's delicate skin.

    Having evolved over millions of years in the harshest environments it also offers natural protect against extremes of temperature and UV. And because merino wool is also naturally fire resistant it helps keep your baby safer.

    Merino Ultrafine is the ultimate in luxury which both looks and feels great, the average fibre diameter shall not be greater than 17.5 micrometers. The Ultrafine wool comes from Merino sheep which have been selected over the centuries to grow fine wool, providing superior handle, softness and next-to-skin comfort.

  • Oeko - Tex Standard 100

    The OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 is an independent testing and certification system for textile raw materials, intermediate and end products at all stages of production. Examples for items eligible for certification: Raw and dyed/finished yarns, raw and dyed/finished fabrics and knits, ready-made articles (all types of clothing, domestic and household textiles, bed linen, terry cloth items, textile toys and more).

    It includes testing for harmful substances such as:

    • Illegal substances • Legally regulated substances

    • Known harmful (but not legally regulated) chemicals • As well as parameters for health care

    The requirement for certification of textile products according to OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 is that all components of an item have to comply with the required criteria without exception – that means in addition to the outer material also sewing threads, linings, prints etc. as well as non-textile accessories such as buttons, zip fasteners, rivets etc.

  • Woolmark

    All our products carry the Woolmark logo, which adheres to strict performance standards. The Woolmark brand is the world’s best known textile fibre brand. The value of the brand is well established all over the world in the apparel, interior textiles and home laundry sectors. The Woolmark brand provides consumers with guaranteed fibre content and an assurance of quality.

    The Woolmark logo is owned by The Woolmark company. The Woolmark Company is a subsidiary of Australian Wool Innovation Limited (AWI), the world’s leading wool textile organisation. The company operates a global licensing program to ensure that any product bearing the Woolmark logo meets strict wool quality and performance criteria based on the exacting demands of today’s customer.

  • Total Easy Care

    Merino wool is naturally stain and odour resistant, simple pop it in the washing machine for a safe, no-fuss wash.

    • Warm machine wash on wool cycle. Wash in washing bag

    • Do not bleach

    • Do not tumble dry

    • Warm iron on reverse side

    • Do not dry clean

    • Do not soak

    • Dry in shade