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About Woolstar Merino Mini



Woolstar Merino Mini is a division of Wool Products Australia Ltd. a leading manufacturer of 100% Australian Made Woolen Products since 1996. The first Wool quilt filled with 100% Australian Merino Wool was developed and manufactured by the founder of Wool Products Australia Pty Ltd Mr Graeme Kerr for his 8th grandchild, merino's softness and breathability provides the baby superior comfort in sleeping. With the comfort and care of baby in mind, Woolstar Merino Mini continues to develop baby products for bedding using the Australian fine merino wool. All Seasons Wool Quilt Set and Wool Under blanket have been produced and added to the Merino Mini family.

After extensive research and development undertaken under the 'Mother and Babies' program by The Woolmark Company, a merino blanket has been developed using 17.5 micron super fine Australian merino wool. The unique fineness of Merino fibres give baby blankets a softness no other fabric can match.

Woolstar Merino Mini quilt, topper and blanket are made from the simple mix of sunshine, grass and water. Australian Merinos produce a new fleece every year, making the fibre 100% renewable. No harmful chemicals have been used in the manufacture, hence they are Oeko - Tex Standard 100 Certified.

Woolstar Merino Mini is certified by The Woolmark Company - the global authority on wool.